Injuries and violence are largely preventable public health problems, yet there is little time, attention, or funding devoted to theses issues. Injuries and violence make up the leading cause of death for 75% of North Carolina’s population and should be a priority. provides the best science about injury and violence prevention strategies focused on improving population-level health. The materials on the site are created by a team of injury prevention experts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Injury Prevention Research Center and the NC Division of Public Health’s Injury and Violence Prevention Branch with the input of numerous other partners. The team engages experts in each topic area to ensure the latest, consensus-driven information is provided. You can contact the team here.

The site’s content is designed to convey information from the partners that make up the Injury and Violence Prevention State Advisory Council, a group of partners tasked with implementing North Carolina’s State Plan for Preventing Injuries and Violence. The community of injury prevention professionals in North Carolina seeks to make injury prevention a priority, and to encourage initiatives that are proven to save lives.