The North Carolina Division of Public Health’s Injury Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit is the keeper of injury data for the state. Their website has a wealth of North Carolina-specific data describing a wide range of topics. You can access the site here.

Injury data comes from a wide variety of sources, including death certificates, hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and an array of surveys where people self report their experiences. The data sources that allow us to quantify injury in North Carolina are inventoried in this report.

The Injury Iceberg

Injury IcebergInjuries that cause death are only the tip of the iceberg. The levels below deaths are wider because they show that more people are affected by non-fatal injuries. Just below deaths are injuries that put people in the hospital. Below that, the iceberg shows that even more people go to the emergency department (ED) because of an injury.  Outpatient visits shows how many people go to see their regular doctors for injury treatment.  The largest numbers of people with injuries are those who do not go to see a doctor, receive no medical care or treat themselves.

Injury and Violence Data Available on the Web:

The North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics (NC SCHS) is responsible for data collection, health-related research, production of reports, and maintenance of a comprehensive collection of health statistics. They provide high quality health information for making better informed decisions and effective health policies. The goal of the NC SCHS is to improve the health of all North Carolinians and their communities.

WISQARS (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System) is an interactive database system from the Centers for Disease Control that provides customized reports of injury-related data. North Carolina specific data is available from WISQARS.

The Inventory of National Injury Data Systems is a list of 44 different federal data systems operated by 16 difference agencies and three private injury registry systems that provide nationwide injury-related data. Each data system is listed along with the agency or organization and associated web sites.

The Injury and Data Resources website from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention provides an overview of injury morbidity and mortality data and statistics available from the National Center for Health Statistics and other sources and to provide details on injury surveillance methodology and tools to assist in data analysis.